A Varlink Viewpoint: Honeywell Training

About a month ago, I was told that Varlink would be taking on Honeywell as a new brand and I was the lucky girl who would be marketing for them. I have been at Varlink for roughly a year and have had some pretty exciting and prestigious brands (which I am sorry to have to pass over to their new marketing contact) which I have been privileged to market for. Most of the brands I took on were already established Varlink brands which is good as they have the customer base, but challenging as they are used to a certain marketing style which I had to adapt to. Taking on Honeywell would be different as I could start from scratch and work out my own way of doing things.

Honeywell is a huge global organisation, which I’m sure most of you will know. On a two day training course (which included a multitude of delicious and both healthy and unhealthy snacks to keep us going), I learnt the extent to of just how far the Honeywell brand stretches (very far!) and the knowledge that they have of various industries. I had heard of the Honeywell brand before, but didn’t realise they were involved in half the areas that they are.

For example, I didn’t know they manufactured thermostats, fans, air purifiers or break pads. Nor did I realise they produce fire responder gear. They also provide solutions for manufacturing, security, healthcare, chemicals, oil and gas, construction, safety, security and transportation to name but a few. We were even informed that one of the top Honeywell dogs advises the president of the United States.

I have to say that I felt slightly in awe of all this as I realised I was now, though indirectly, part of a huge organisation that only manufacturers the best products in industries they know they can and will excel in.

Obviously, they also manufacture and produce scanning and mobility solutions, which is where I come in. Through competitive matrixes and research, I often came up against the Honeywell products, as did our sales team, and have no issue in saying that they were often problematic due to the high brand recognition. Now I’ve had the training, I can definitely say that they do have an exciting and varied range of products that could give most other products a run for their money.

Not to mention the fact that their service and support, that we have had first-hand experience of, is a credit to them. From a marketing point of view, I have been given access to all the marketing material I could need and want and been fully supported since Varlink took them on.

I am just starting with devising and putting together a marketing plan and can’t wait to start putting it into action. Watch this space.

Brand Marketing Executive at Varlink

To view our range of Honeywell products, visit http://www.varlink.co.uk/honeywellrange


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