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Having recently joined the Varlink team I knew very little about the products they had to offer, never mind my brands I have now taken over. Therefore I thought it would be a great chance to give my initial thoughts on what my products and my brands (Psion, Gen2wave, MioWORK and MioCARE) have to offer. I will also discuss the features that caught my eye and why I feel they are great for their line of work.

I will start with Psion. They have recently brought out a new Omnii XT15F and a VH10F both with freezing capabilities. After looking at the devices further I discovered that these are extremely unique to the market and are very versatile for their line of work. The use of rugged devices is extremely important in a variety of environments and with the use of this freezing capability you will be sure to not get a frosty response during work.

The Omnii XT15 can be submersed in water; with the addition of the frozen conditions this makes the product very unique and rugged. The ruggedness makes it perfect for warehouses or outside working conditions or those who might have the tendency to drop devices. Another highlight that I thought was good is that the device is extremely modular. Therefore users are able to adapt the device specifically for the working environment.

The VH10f is an extremely rugged device available with the freezing capabilities included. One great perk to this device is its quick release mounting, allowing easy movement between fork lift truck, warehouse and other areas of work. The device has a specially designed keyboard to maximise productivity. It has 12 specifically sized direct function keys and 20 years of development by the company so you know it is something worth having. The final advantage for these devices is that you can use your old mounts, accessories and applications for the newer devices. Saving you valued money to invest in other future developments.

Next up is the Gen2wave collection. All technically the same device but all have different screens. I love that they are versatile so you can change the screen to meet your requirements. Another aspect I liked is the strong processor (Samsung S5PV210 1GHZ) ensuring the devices are fast, let’s face it a slow phone helps no one. Now I know this will be a big selling point to anyone buying this product-price. These rugged mobiles are extremely low in price for the spec they carry. The final aspect that I found great with this product is how lightweight and easy to use it was. Not being the most technical person myself it was easy to navigate and use. Also only weighing 250g it will be sure not to weigh you down at work!!

My final is Mio, split into; MioWORK and MioCARE. MioCARE have recently brought out new tablets specifically designed for the healthcare market. With the use of these tablets there are many benefits including; patient details can be stored, the camera can be used to assess recover rate and the scanner located on the A100/105 can scan patient’s wrist bands or medication labels. Now you may think that carrying round tablet devices could be unhygienic due to the touch screen design. MioCARE have resolved this by applying a polycarbonate disinfectable coating to all devices so no germs will be spread and they are easily cleaned. What’s even better they have an IP54 rating so they are all Dust protected and are able to withstand damage from splashed water. Another feature to mention is the alert light, just to ensure their patients are at their beck and call.

MioWORK offer a range of rugged tablets; A100/105, A90 and Z100. They all come with an IP54 and the A90 and the A100/105 come with a one metre drop resistance so if you are having a clumsy day the product won’t be in danger. The A100/105 contains an integrated barcode reader available in both 1D and 2D/1D, perfect for use in warehouses and for delivery drivers. Another great feature on the A90 and A100/105 both contain front and rear cameras. This versatile feature allows the user to take photographs on the move or in tricky situations.

I am now looking forward to working with my brands and implementing fresh ideas to ensure a profitable outcome in the future.

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We are a specialist, value added distributor of mobile computing and data capture products. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that our customers deserve outstandingly executed basic distribution services.

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Posted in Aug 2013

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