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Last month I was sent to London to attend my first event for Varlink. I was attending DSEI, a defence and security event as a Trimble representative along with another colleague from Varlink.  Not only was it my first time attending such an event, it was also my first time travelling across London on the underground by myself – both very daunting thoughts!

Attending DSEI was a great experience all round, not only did it teach me a lot about other areas within the Trimble company, but also about an industry I hadn’t really thought much about before. I knew little about the defence and security industry prior to the event but attending gave me a huge insight into all the parts that make up this complex industry. From footwear to weapons, I had no idea about all the different things that combined create the defence industry. Truly living up to its aim of being a global event for both exhibitors and visitors, I met people from different backgrounds. DSEI is the place to do business in the global defence and security market with visitors from 121 countries attending. All in all, the event provided me with a very busy 48 hours!

I also had the opportunity to visit The Emergency Services Show at Birmingham’s NEC with Trimble last week. This show used fun factors to express serious messages about the importance of our Emergency Services. Interesting workshops included drinking with ‘beer goggles’ on and a human remains water search dog demonstration.

Visitors at the show were able to experience what it’s like to drive a vehicle while under the effects of alcohol. The drink driving workshop saw West Midlands Fire Service working in partnership with 4ORTY2 Ltd in a bid to drive down the numbers of people killed or seriously injured. Drivers were secured safely in the seat of an electric go-kart with the speed controlled remotely, and asked to travel around a course avoiding pedestrians. They were then asked to do it again but this time wearing a pair of beer goggles designed to simulate the effects of alcohol consumption. Despite being fun in a safe, monitored environment, the messages portrayed were very real and it made you realise how important the Emergency Services are to our everyday lives.

Varlink showcased Trimble’s range of rugged products including Smartphones and tablets to highlight how these can be utilised in the Emergency Services industry, helping make a real difference to people’s lives. In this sector, every second counts when potentially someone’s life is on the line, and technology has such a huge impact on saving lives can , it is definitely worth investing in.

Our next Varlink event with Trimble is in November at the Trauma show so keep your eyes peeled for further information!

To view the range of Trimble devices that we were showcasing, visit

– Alice


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Posted in Sept 2013

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