Honeywell’s Captuvo

Today I wanted to have a quick look at Honeywell’s Captuvo SL22 cover for Apple products.  I have an iPhone and know several people who have dropped theirs and they’ve broken quite easily.  Touch wood mine’s still intact. So, it probably isn’t an untruth to say that it is not the most ideal device for people working in a field based environment. Of course you can now buy extremely rugged cases for your Apple products, but what about companies who need something a little more enterprise ready? Something with a barcode scanner for example as their company has expanded but already have an existing Apple Solution? Or, what if they like the sleek look Apple products provide but want to enhance them?

Well, now you can… this is what the Captuvo was made for! So what does the Captuvo do? It fits snuggly around your Apple device to provide it with a layer of added protection should you drop it. Not only that, but the Captuvo comes with an integrated barcode scanner, meaning you can turn your Apple product into an enterprise ready device in a flash. For retail organisations wanting an even more enhanced device, the Captuvo can also be equipped with an encryption-ready three-track magnetic stripe reader to facilitate quick and easy processing of credit card transactions. There’s also no need to remove the case from the device should you need to charge it as it comes with an integrated charging port.

There are currently 2 versions available; one for the iPhone 5 and one for the iPod Touch, with an iPad mini version set for release in 2014. If you’d like to know more about these exciting products, click here.


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