The Latest Healthcare Solution From Casio

Healthcare providers are increasingly pushed to provide high quality care through cost-effective solutions, increasingly more so against Jeremy Hunt’s aim for a “paperless NHS” by 2018.

healthcare application 2We spoke with Richard Adlington, Head of Business Solutions at Casio about how a tablet solution in healthcare can not only increase efficiencies but also reduce time spent on paperwork, using their V-T500 series of Android™ tough tablets as a key example.

Healthcare solutions can refer to a patient in a hospital, or a pharmacist providing a service, whatever the requirement, customers need a range of dedicated healthcare solutions to help them provide the best possible care through minimal effort on their part whilst maintaining data protection and security, and the V-T500 certainly ticks all these boxes.

Richard explains how not only is the use of tablets in hospitals speeding up the way staff work, but also provides an extremely secure solution, eliminating the risk of loss or misplacement of paper records. The V-T500 allows secure login by healthcare workers using a contactless smartcard, indicating privacy settings can be utilised, and only allowing certain workers to access certain areas.

The development of tablet computers has moved on drastically from the previous solution of a computer on wheels (COW), and while pushing a trolley around a hospital is still very feasible, the use of tablet computer provides far more portability and mobility in a compact solution.

Tablets are now replacing paper, not only for viewing patient records, but also to view recent medical images or X-Rays and the V-T500 offers a large 10.1” screen which is ideal for hospital workers, on top of this it can easily demonstrate the information clearly to colleagues, and the patients if necessary. Furthermore, the devices are lightweight and have a hot-swappable battery pack which allows workers to not only move around freely and refer to health records as they go, but also to use the tablets throughout their whole shift with multiple patients, eliminating the risk of unplanned downtime whilst charging.

Another key element that healthcare providers look for in their technology is hygiene. The V-T500 is disinfectant resistant, and the easy-clean flat surface is ideal for sterilising with alcohol wipes such as Isopropanol, therefore providing a hygienic solution for healthcare environments.tablet with healthcare

Other key healthcare applications which benefit from such technology include; appointment scheduling, Electronic Dental Records (EDR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), ePrescriptions, as well as, images and videos of treatments or results. All of these can be very easily accessed on Casio Android tablets, and Richard highlighted how the opportunities across the whole of the healthcare sector, not just in hospitals, but GP surgeries, dental practices are endless.

Richard explains to Varlink “We are extremely proud of the V-T500 tough tablets Casio have to offer, and are very confident in positioning them within the healthcare sector. They boast a variety of key features which medical professionals are looking for such as security, durability and mobility yet it is also offers a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design, which workers would be happy to use in front of their patients, without compromising on performance”.


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