Extricom answers Wi-Fi challenges set by education providers

This month, we speak with Haim Rapoport, VP Marketing and Product Management at Extricom about their enterprise Wireless LAN system and why it has been successful in Education.

Can you give us a brief history of Extricom?

Extricom is the designer and manufacturer of an award-winning enterprise Wireless LAN system which represents a new generation of WLAN infrastructure for providing converged data, voice, and video services over wireless with the dependability and performance of a wired network. Extricom was founded in 2002 and is today headquartered in Israel with sales offices in New York, London and Tokyo.

Tell me about the product range – What makes Extricom products stand out from the others – why would you consider yourselves better?

Extricom’s key differentiators:

  • Addressing the expected burst in Wi-Fi office devices per user – Extricom’s solution enables superior converge, throughput and mobility for all devices. Wireless clients associate with the Extricom switch and do not need to scan, re-associate or re-authenticate as they move – there is no AP-to-AP hand-off within the blanket. This translates to continuous mobility and a high performance wireless connection anywhere inside the Channel Blanket.
  • Highest data rates per user: Extricom allows APs to be spaced closely together providing highest data rates coverage throughout the deployment, And, thanks to overlapping blankets on independent channels, it is possible to multiply the capacity at every point of the deployment.
  • Excellent performance and coverage through eliminating co-channel interference: Cell planning does not provide effective reuse in enterprise settings. In practice, it results in interference and reduced capacity. The Extricom solution allows each radio channel to be used everywhere, on every access point. This is especially important in high user density environments – in fact, we believe that out of the various scenarios in this area, Extricom can really shine at the more challenging campus environment.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain resulting in the lowest TCO:  “Plug-&-Play” – just add another AP, avoiding the complexities of RF cell planning. Extricom’s technology absorbs the complexities of wireless deployments and planning to make wireless easier and more cost-effective than the alternatives.

Where do you consider your key market sectors to be?

Our key market sectors are:

  1.     Education
  2.     Logistics: Warehouses and Distribution Centres
  3.     Large venues: Stadiums, arenas, convention centres
  4.     Hospitals
  5.     Hospitality / Hotel

Extricom has been particularly successful in Education, what core elements do education providers require when looking for a wireless solution?

The core elements of a Wi-Fi solution for education includes Access Points, switches / controllers, backend system like Radius servers for authentication and security, and intuitive and easy to use network management systems.

What challenges do education providers face when implementing wireless solutions and how do Extricom overcome these Challenges?

Education providers face the challenge of having a wireless solution that enables predictable and reliable service for advanced e-learning applications including high density video intensive 1 to 1 classrooms that require perfect Wi-Fi coverage and extensive bandwidth. Education providers also require meeting security regulations for correctly handling BYOD devices of students, staff and guests. Simple deployment and management of the Wi-Fi solution is another important challenge.shutterstock_113231725

To overcome these challenges, Extricom provides constant uninterrupted coverage throughout the school campus. No AP-to-AP roaming ensure seamless mobility, continuity and optimal service delivery for 1 to 1 laptops & tablets and BYOD devices. The Extricom solution allows each radio channel to be used on every AP, to create blankets of coverage, which eliminate co-channel interference. Extricom also supports multiple blankets, each separately and securely  serving students, staff and guests. Extricom provides a “Plug-&-Play” solution, which is perfect for education IT staffs. Fast, easy and simple to deploy – no complex RF cell planning.

Do you have any success stories implementing a wireless solution into education?

Extricom wireless LAN has helped revolutionise learning for primary and secondary schools, for a list of Extricom’s success stories, please click here http://www.extricom.com/category/education

What is the future for Extricom?

Extricom will continue leading the high end Wi-Fi market through providing complete, constant and uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage to assure a perfect Wi-Fi experience at schools and classrooms of the digital era.



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