Solve Warehousing and Distribution Issues with Data Capture Technology

Information travels fast, but it also has to arrive safely through busy factories and warehouses, shipyards and airports to people who need it at the point of work. Every day, forklift workers and other material handling equipment are under pressure to move more products in, through, and out of the warehouse to meet customer demands. They must do all of this and increase their productivity and accuracy as any mistakes can be costly.  Ensuring real-time data is captured and available at any time is critical in achieving this goal and to ensuring data is accurately integrated with a company’s enterprise system.  Jobs like picking, packing, replenishment, stock taking, inventory management cross-docking or receipt, require the equipment used to be able to perform under extreme pressure to ensure maximum output for the job at hand.

Now there are devices out there that work just as hard as you do, improving productivity and maximising worker efficiency.

Vehicle Mounts

Change and disruption is a fact of life in today’s supply chain.  Workers need to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances like forklift failure and natural disasters which can cause missed transactions and unnecessary downtime. Honeywell’s Thor VM1 has changed all of this with its powerful features.  The VM1s Quick Mount Smart Dock allows users to undock the computer from the power supply unit on one forklift and redock it ontoImage another in seconds without losing any vital information, minimising downtime and maintaining worker efficiency.  It boasts a field-replaceable front panel that empowers workers to repair the vehicle mount at its most common breaking point, minimising maintenance costs.  It has a fast 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, combined with Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Standard operating system, and superior wireless connectivity with WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and integrated A-GPS, providing continual communication with a company’s enterprise system. Not only does the VM1 provide all these extensive features, it also has a built-in ignition control feature that allows the user to set up the power management preferences resulting in a quicker start up time and an extended vehicle battery life.  Its IP66 rated, SAE-J1455 shock resistant casing with a Military Standard of 810F rugged construction makes it ideal for a wide array of manufacturing applications including process control, quality assurance, intermodal operations and more.

Motorola vehicle mount computers bring productivity to equipment operators and the supply chain. The VH10 vehicle-mounted mobile computer is built to provide the real-time information needed to meet those demands, from picking and putting away to out in the yard. The VH10 is built to handle the constant pounding of material handling equipment inside and outside the four walls. It has IP66 sealing and IEC 60721-3-5M3 rating for shock and vibration that exceeds military standards (MIL-STD-810F), making the VH10 rugged enough for nearly any environment.Image

Flexible wireless connectivity allows the vehicle mount to be used in a variety of different wireless locations that best serve the needs and budget of the supply chain. The VH10 has 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi for compatibility with virtually any wireless LAN and plenty of bandwidth to support any application. It has a tough, reliable touchscreen with automotive-grade 640 NIT ultra-bright display that is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The 5-wire touchscreen is the most accurate and reliable touchscreen technology available, minimising error and improving worker efficiency. The VH10 provides all the features needed for truly flawless fulfilment in the most demanding environments.

Wireless Infrastructure in Warehousing and Distribution Centres

Warehouses and Distribution Centres (DCs) have extensive Data Capture requirements with Wi-Fi enabling multiple business critical technologies. Barcode and RFID readers, handheld devices, forklift truck terminals, ruggedised tablets, label printers and also normal PCs and smartphones all require reliable and uninterrupted Wi-Fi Coverage.

The warehouse and DC environment creates serious challenges for traditional WLAN deployments. Though warehouses are typically open spaces that would seem suited to wireless, their construction and layout can be problematic, with metal structures and corridors making coverage difficult to achieve. Other obstacles include a changing RF landscape due to movement of goods and fluctuating stock levels, and roaming and re-authentication issues at multi-channel deployments that can impact the productivity of a highly mobile workforce.

Extricom’s award-winning WLAN system is Imageuniquely designed to meet these demanding requirements. Unlike other WLANs in the marketplace, the unique single-channel Channel Blanket architecture enables constant and uninterrupted Wi-Fi converge for assuring increased  productivity and improved employee morale at warehouses and DCs. The Extricom solution involves dramatically easier WLAN deployment and lower total cost of ownership, while achieving a substantial leap in capacity, coverage, seamless mobility and security capability. The result is a large-scale WLAN infrastructure delivering converged voice, data, & video, with the dependability of a wired network.

The Channel Blanket architecture enables any given Wi-Fi radio channel to be used on every access point (AP) to create a continuous “blanket” of coverage, thus eliminating co-channel interference and the associated problems. Wireless clients, like barcode readers, vehicle mount mobile computers or Automated Guided Vehicles, associated with the switch do not need to scan, re-associate or re-authenticate as they move – there is no AP-to-AP disconnection within the blanket. This means continuous mobility and a high performance wireless connection anywhere onsite, even in a warehouse with a multitude of metallic components and an ever changing physical structure.

For further information about the products mentioned visit or contact the Varlink Sales Team on 01904 717180.


We are a specialist, value added distributor of mobile computing and data capture products. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that our customers deserve outstandingly executed basic distribution services.

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