Improve Your EPoS Systems with Intel Core Processors

Intel Processors EPoS SystemsThe 4th generation Intel Core processor family brings a number of significant enhancements to EPoS systems, with benefits including faster performance and improved security as well as advances in energy efficiency and hardware reliability.

EPoS systems running Intel 4th generation Core processors can handle even the most demanding of daily PoS operations whilst continuing to offer the user a smooth and responsive experience, cutting customer waiting time and adding value to the overall retail or hospitality environment.

A fast and efficient EPoS system will positively impact upon a business’ total cost of ownership for its EPoS hardware.

Factors Affecting TCO

  • Longevity – Ensure the PoS systems perform for the planned replacement cycle of software and hardware.
  • Reliability – Maximising up-time keeps the checkout lines running smoothly and the customers happier.
  • Flexibility – Supports functionality additions that allow POS systems to be repurposed within the store.
  • Security – Increase protection against hardware and data theft.
  • Manageability – Decreases IT support costs and gets systems back on line faster.
  • Sustainability – Reduces energy consumption and lowers carbon footprint.

The Posiflex XT-4015 and soon to be launched Posiflex XT-5315 contain up to Intel Core i7 processors, offering all of the above advantages to end users and providing a viable solution for business owners looking to upgrade their current EPoS system.

Figures from Intel show that old EPoS terminals may be costing businesses significant sums of money. As well as being more energy efficient, new terminals with Intel processors can help businesses cut costs in the following ways:

4 Year Old PC vs. Today’s Intel Devices*

30% Higher Repair Costs for Old PCs

2x More Downtime Hours for Old PCs

40% Higher Upgrade Costs for Old PCs

*Figures courtesy of Intel

With less downtime and faster operating speeds, new EPoS Terminals can increase business productivity, staff can serve customers faster increasing customer satisfaction and business data will be secure from cyber-attack. Intel processors ‘harden’ the device by protecting the system from attack straight from boot up, before most anti-virus programmes begin their scan.

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to upgrade an old EPoS system is the software support provided for the system’s Operating System. In April 2014, Microsoft ended their support for the Windows XP Operating System. Any PC or EPoS terminal that is still running Windows XP will no longer receive vital security updates from Microsoft, opening up business data to potentially damaging viruses, spyware or other malicious software.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation) the initial purchase price of a POS system only represents between 20 to 45 percent of the overall TCO. A system including the latest Intel Core processors, such as those provided by Posiflex, can help business owners significantly reduce these hidden on-going costs.

To view Varlink’s entire range of Posiflex EPoS systems please click here.


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