The Future of Retail Technology – Part 2

Mobile POS and Increased Customer Engagement

As well as the advancements to fixed point of sale terminals, mobile POS is rapidly developing into one of the main areas of investment for retailers. Mobile POS is attractive to retailers as it offers many opportunities to enhance the customer purchasing experience. Sales can be achieved anywhere on the shop floor, reducing waiting times and decreasing the opportunity for buyers to abandon their purchases.

A combination of technologies allows mobile POS to be user friendly and encourages Blog Info 1multi roles for staff within the retail environment, adding flexibility to help manage busy periods. Tablets or handheld devices can be combined with mobile printers and mobile payment devices to complete sales anywhere within the store.

An effective mPOS strategy can also help recover sales that would have otherwise been lost. On occasions where a size of clothing is out of stock a customer will often choose to shop elsewhere. Shop assistants can now arrange for the customer to purchase the item via the retailer’s online shop using a tablet or handheld device on the shop floor.

Mobile POS also brings advantages to retailers who run operations outside of the four walls such as pop-up shopping centre kiosks or stalls at events or exhibitions.

While there is a bright future for mobile POS (and around 50% or retailers are planning to invest in the technology), not all retail formats are ideal candidates for adoption. Fixed EPoS terminals still have a vital role to play in retail and any effective mobile POS strategy should be operated in tandem with fixed POS terminals.

blog info 2Advantages of Fixed POS include easy access to cash, the ability to remove electronic-surveillance tags, space to hold a full shopping basket of purchases, bags to aid shopper convenience, video tracking and easily identifiable proof of purchase.

Mobile POS gives retailers the flexibility required to provide outstanding levels of customer service and engagement, maximising sales revenue and maintain customer loyalty.

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