Enterprise Mobile management and the Internet of Things

As the Internet of things (IoT) becomes increasingly universal with a suggested 30 billion IP-connected devices and sensors by 2020, what will the impact be on enterprise mobility management?

As the IoT continues to grow so has enterprise mobile management (EMM). In the early stages mobile device management (MDM) solutions were focused on mobile handheld devices, predominately smartphones and tablets. As the enterprise moves towards machine-to-machine connectivity EMM demand grows, encompassing ruggedised mobile computers, mobile printers, mobile POS devices etc.

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Krista Napier, IDC, notes in a Financial Post article that mobile management strategies associated with the IoT extends beyond managing devices. “It’s also about managing applications, content and security.”

As organisations move away from traditional devices and venture into remote diagnostics, location-based tracking and connected operations centres, data is becoming key and in turn enabling automation. Key areas of development have been in seen in oil rigs, retail, warehousing and field management services.

Carl J. Rodrigues, president of SOTI, enterprise mobility management, commented “Now companies are recognising the power of new devices that have to be managed and secured. Properly managed mobile strategies can play a critical role in reducing labour requirements, eliminating travel and training costs, accelerating turnaround times, and reducing errors and response times. For example, remote access to users’ screens or intelligent sensors at a production site miles away allow managers to remotely troubleshoot or deliver training to field workers in real-time.”

Some areas SOTI are seeing development is geofencing management platforms allowing geographical boundaries for industries such as schools and military bases.

SOTI Remote Management

As organisations adopt apps and embrace the connected world for real-time data through sensor equipment and the IoT, enterprise mobility management tools like SOTI MobiControl continue to develop. The rapid growth in IP connected devices and sensors by 2020 further enhances the need for MDM and EMM solutions.

For more information about EMM solutions to support your devices please contact Varlink on 01904 717180.


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