Touchscreen Terminals Improving Healthcare Efficiency

Touchscreen computer terminals now have a vital role to play in a number of different areas of the healthcare sector. shutterstock_184529786Ranging from staff use, to patient information and entertainment, touchscreens have been widely adopted as an intuitive interface accessible to all.

Not only are touchscreen terminals easy to use, they can also boost the efficiency of healthcare systems, speeding up processes such as patient appointment check-in and medication dispensing.

The healthcare sector is actively upgrading paper based systems with technologies such as label printing, barcode scanning, tablet computers and RFID. With the addition of fast and accurate interactive touchscreen terminals, using technology to support everyday activities helps to greatly reduce errors and speed up processes.

Touchscreen terminals are now available with projected capacitive touch screens, supporting the same 10 point multi-touch functionality as popular tablet computers. Bezel free, true flat glass screens also look sleek and are easy to keep clean with no raised edges for dust and dirt to accumulate.

Processing power is vital for large scale software applications. Terminals such as the Posiflex XT-4015 with up to i7 Intel core processers will be able to handle even the most demanding of daily operation requests.

Fanfree technology also allows the terminals to operate in near silence and improves the reliability of the device, with less moving parts and the prevention of dust being drawn into the system hardware. Fanfree terminals also consume far less power than their fanned counterparts, helping to lower the overall total cost of ownership with reduced energy bills.

There are numerous applications within healthcare where touchscreen computers can be deployed. It is now commonplace for visitors to doctor’s surgeries to use self-service check in touchscreens upon arrival, freeing up reception staff to focus on other tasks.

In pharmacies touchscreen EPoS terminals are used at the Point of Sale as well as to maintain inventory levels and other vital back office systems. Point of Sale touchscreen terminals are also used throughout hospitals in customer environments such as cafés or newsagents. These same terminals can also be deployed in healthcare roles and can be easily secured with additions such as MSRs or finger print sensors to ensure confidential data can only be accessed by authorised staff.

From these terminals healthcare staff can manage patient details, medication dispensing and appointment scheduling as well as any other application required.

Interactive public kiosks are now available in large hospitals to assist visitors in areas such as navigating the building and car parking. Intuitive touchscreen terminals are accessible to visitors where the language barrier may be an issue and can be easily kept relevant and up to date by staff.

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