EHI Follow Up

EHI 2014 was a resounding success, with approximately 4000 attendees from various healthcare applications including hospitals, pharmacies and research facilities.

Our Zebra QLn 220/320 and GK420 printers proved popular, with a high majority of visitors already aware of the Zebra printing range and the benefits they can provide to the healthcare industry. Both Zebra healthcare printers we had on show are disinfectant ready, meeting the requirements of the hospital environment. We noticed a high interest in the disinfectant ready printers as many mentioned that they are still labelling by hand. After a swift demonstration of the full scanning and printing solution, visitors quickly understood the benefits of going paperless and how Zebra label printers can prove more effective than handwritten labels, particularly on specimens.

The antimicrobial casing of the Honeywell Xenon 1900 scanner proves the perfect solution for those needing a wireless scanning solution, particularly in secondary care. Most explained that the wired barcode scanners they have deployed into hospitals are restricted to the trolley and cannot reach patient wristbands. The wireless scanner can be moved from one static location to anywhere around the building and placed back into the cradle at a later point, allowing the data to be transferred into the back end system.

For those that require management of mobile devices that are deployed in healthcare environments, SOTI MobiControl can provide secure use of mobile devices where patient care is required. Healthcare practitioners can realise the full potential of mobility to improve patient care, without sacrificing the security and privacy of patient data.

Varlink offer a full solution suitable for the healthcare environment, which can track inventory, scan patient data and print specimen samples with minimal time and effort, while also reducing the risk of manually inputted errors.



We are a specialist, value added distributor of mobile computing and data capture products. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that our customers deserve outstandingly executed basic distribution services.

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One comment on “EHI Follow Up
  1. Bruce says:

    As a specialist provider of medical software we would like the opportunity to attend such an even in the future.

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