Mobility: Going paperless in Healthcare

Healthcare providers are continually looking to provide high quality care through cost-effective solutions. The pressure to increase the pace of change has been amplified by Jeremy Hunt’s aim for a “paperless NHS” by 2018.

Healthcare solutions encompass patients in hospital, veterinary applications, care homes, and pharmaceutical services. To provide the best possible care healthcare customers are looking for mobility solutions to streamline clinical workflows, improve the speed of diagnosis and treatment. By reducing administration time through the use of mobile devices practitioners can spend more time on patient care. With the planned increase in mobile deployment the NHS requires solutions that encompass rugged mobile devices with software solutions that enable compliance across all devices. Software solutions similar to SOTI MobiControl for healthcare include location based policy enforcement, asset management solutions and remote control and view to fix problems quickly and smoothly.

Hygiene is always paramount in any healthcare environment. Antimicrobial casing is used by many hardware providers offering technical solutions in healthcare. The enhanced surfaces make the devices easy to clean, ideal for sterilising with alcohol wipes and therefore provide an enhanced hygienic solution for healthcare environments.

Demanding healthcare applications such as bedside point-of-care, specimen collection and inventory management, all require handheld devices that provide multi-purpose, durable and rugged solutions for healthcare professionals. As a provider of healthcare hardware solutions Varlink offer a range of handhelds designed to meet healthcare demands. The Honeywell 7800hc and Honeywell 99EXhc are ultra-rugged, feature antimicrobial casing and are lightweight with a compact design, ideal for continuous use throughout the work day. The Honeywell Xenon 1900h scanner is also able to replace manual document handling in hospitals by automatically tracking the movement, filing, location, archival, maintenance and destruction of patient documents. Scanning also tracks and traces inventory and the creation of electronic medical records (EMR).

Healthcare is a very specific industry and our Zebra healthcare product line has been certified and recommended by all of the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers. Zebra’s range of healthcare solutions can be used for patient record labelling, asset identification and tracking. Both the QLn 220/320 and GK420 healthcare variant printers are constructed of durable materials designed to withstand regular cleaning with hard disinfectant chemicals over their lifetime.

The need for the right healthcare devices to improve efficiency and reduce cost has never been so important. By going paperless hospitals, veterinary practices and care homes can work with greater certainty and less risk, providing patients with the best care possible.

For more information about our range of Healthcare products, please visit or call our sales team on 01904 717810.

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One comment on “Mobility: Going paperless in Healthcare
  1. James Laing says:

    In conjunction with Varlink hardware devices – if you’re looking for an asset inventory system, Assettrac Ltd can provide cloud-based services to hold all your data centrally and software to update item information and inspections from any number of Varlink mobile devices you may need.
    This is a paperless solution that improves business information as well as your equipment and workforce productivity. For more info just go to or call 01273 491267 and we can give you all the information.

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