What is the true test of ruggedness?

There are no universally accepted definitions as to what makes a device rugged rather than just well built or durable. Many devices feature an IP rating (Ingress Protection), which means the device is water resistant and dust proof, but not truly rugged.

Rough and durable are two main factors when choosing a truly ultra-rugged device. To function in any environment is critical, and that’s why every single detail is researched and developed to make sure it is as rugged as possible – No fragile parts wrapped in a hard shell!

For those who need the toughest, most durable ultra-rugged device, it will need to be tested to MIL-STD standards. Eight tests are carried out, using up to 28 different methods including how the device operates in extreme temperatures, protection against rain, humidity, sand and dust, immersion to water, vibration and shock. It is critical that it holds up to the environmental stress that would occur during its lifetime, including work on the front line.

Varlink offer MIL-STD products from our Getac and Trimble range, including tablets, laptops and handheld computers. They are built from high quality materials and casings that are specifically engineered to protect the device, whilst also offering high performance mobility that your customers expect. No matter where the device is used, it is critical that the device performs at optimum capability. For users looking for ultra-rugged devices, but not tested to MIL-STD, our Janam and Trimble ranges are the ideal solution for field based applications with IP ratings up to IP68 and can survive continuous drops to concrete and everyday harsh handling.

With a deeper understanding of the standards and tests for ruggedness, you will be more equipped when choosing the right device suited to your customer’s unique needs.


We are a specialist, value added distributor of mobile computing and data capture products. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that our customers deserve outstandingly executed basic distribution services.

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