Imager Scanning Technology Essential for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing in hospitality and retail is driving the need for system integrators and resellers to future proof their scanning solutions.PLA-MAGELLAN800i-MOBILE-COFFEESHOP

The Starbucks mobile app was used for over 8 million transactions in the first three months of 2015, with customers able to use a barcode generated on their smartphone to pay for their purchase.

Many retail and hospitality businesses are following suit and the growth of this industry requires end users to be equipped with scanners that are capable of reading a barcode displayed on a mobile device. This requirement is encouraging some businesses to update their retail hardware sooner than their usual hardware refreshment cycle.

Mobile marketing in the retail and hospitality industry allows businesses to –

  • Increase footfall and encourage repeat purchases from customers
  • Deploy a scalable solution for increasing customer engagement
  • Analyse customer behaviour and record purchase history
  • Reduce print and advertising costs

Laser scanners, popular due to their relatively low cost and ease of use, will read most 1D barcodes printed on product packaging or traditional paper or card vouchers. These scanners will not read a barcode displayed on the screen of a smartphone.

Instead, an imager scanner is required that will read both 1D and 2D barcodes displayed on a smartphone screen with no problem. This allows customers to redeem a voucher code or take part in a loyalty programme simply by scanning their mobile device. It’s simple and time saving for the customer and it allows the business to capture a wealth of customer insight data that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

PLA-QS-QD2400-MOBILECOUPONWith a mobile marketing solution in place there is no longer the need for customers to print vouchers or keep loyalty cards in their wallets. Businesses can also send promotional offers directly to their customer’s smartphones which can be precisely targeted to suit a specific customer profile, day of the week or location.

Imager scanners are available in either handheld or desktop form factor with most being able to switch seamlessly between handheld and presentation reading modes. Many businesses will opt for a separate customer facing imager scanner that allows the customer to scan their own phone without the need to pass their handset to the store worker.

With an imager scanning solution in place, system integrators and resellers can be prepared to meet their customer’s requirements and ensure that end user businesses have suitable technology in place to allow for future investment in mobile marketing.

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