MTM 2016 – Five Reasons to Attend This Year’s Event

Wednesday 27th April 2016 – The St John’s Hotel, SolihullMTM16-Save-the-date

Now in its 11th year, Meet the Manufacturer (MTM) has become a key date in the diary for resellers and suppliers alike.

We recognise that time away from the office needs to be used valuably and that is why MTM has been designed around you; whether you can spare an hour, a morning or a whole day, MTM has a convenient drop in format so whenever suits your business, you can be assured to get the same value from the event.

Much more than just a product ‘show and tell,’ MTM provides a number of unique opportunities for solution providers, system integrators and IT resellers to stay ahead of the curve. MTM is a channel only event and free to attend.

Here are five of the top ways you and your business could benefit from attending MTM 2016.

Excellent Staff Training and Introduction Opportunity

MTM is a rare occasion where leading channel professionals from the world’s top mobile computing and EPoS vendors are gathered together in one place. Combined with the range of products on display, MTM is an ideal opportunity to introduce new or junior members of your team to the wider industry.

Speaking at MTM 2015, Rob Alcock, Print and Media Specialist at Honeywell said, “There are some very knowledgeable and experienced people at this event. There is a limited talent pool and it’s a very specialised industry so to see some of these partners taking young people, training them and bringing them in to the industry is great to see.”

The Future of the Operating System Landscape

The operating system landscape has seen significant change in the last few years, with the introduction of Android within business, the gap that loomed in the absence of a Windows Mobile option, and quick adoption of Windows 10 in the early part of 2016.

MTM provides the platform for you to discuss the future of operating systems directly with the manufacturer, hear how they see this evolving over the next year to 18 months so you can ensure your business is prepared for the changes ahead. Discuss the operating system future and the challenges this brings with those in the know including Honeywell, Janam, Opticon, Datalogic and many more at MTM.

Rugged vs. Consumer – The Value Proposition
With the capabilities of consumer devices increasing, how can you ensure that your customers’ understand the true value proposition of investing in rugged, fit for purpose devices? Total cost of ownership has long been the best argument, but what about the specific technologies used to design and build industrial grade devices, how do these aspects differ?

Arm yourself with expertise directly from leading ultra-rugged manufacturers including Panasonic and Trimble. Hear how their products use specialist technology for the ultimate in product performance.

Loyalty – The Driver Behind 2D Technology

Loyalty in retail and hospitality has long been used to understand buyer behaviour and equip business owners with the information needed to target customers with relevant promotions, increase sales opportunities and maintain customer relationships. Long gone are the days of paper based coupons as our constantly connected world offers instantly accessible promotional codes on the go, but this shift in customer engagement has generated the need for store based technology to evolve too.

Significant investment is already being made in 2D readers which can read codes straight from Smartphone screens, and with products on the market which can be upgraded from 1D to 2D as and when the need arises, loyalty is driving the adoption of 2D scanning, presenting a real opportunity for you to provide your customers with future-proof scanning solutions!

Learn from others at MTM where you can discuss success stories first-hand from our retail scanning experts including Datalogic, Honeywell and Opticon.

What Does the Internet of Things Mean for Your Business?

In today’s connected world more and more machines are being embedded with smart technology, building a network of physical objects which are able to collect and exchange data. But how can businesses use this intelligence to benefit their offering, and how can you help them get the most out of this opportunity?

At MTM, world leading manufacturers including Zebra Technologies and Honeywell can help you understand what the IoT means to you. Leaders in their field, both of these global manufacturers have the expertise and foresight to show you the future of the connected world. Is your business ready for it?

MTM2016 will be held on Wednesday 27th April at The St, John’s Hotel in Solihull. To see a full list of exhibitors, event details and to register to attend please click here.


We are a specialist, value added distributor of mobile computing and data capture products. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that our customers deserve outstandingly executed basic distribution services.

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