MTM 2016 – Leveraging the Internet of Things for Your Business

MVI_5153.MOV.Still001In today’s connected world more and more machines are being embedded with smart technology, building a network of physical objects which are able to collect and exchange data. But how can businesses use this intelligence to benefit their service offering, and how can IT resellers and solution providers help them get the most out of this opportunity?

Ahead of Meet the Manufacturer 2016, Varlink spoke to Jon-Paul Clarke of Wireless Logic, Europe’s leading M2M managed services provider, who explains how the Internet of Things (IoT) is presenting ever increasing opportunities for the IT channel.

“The Internet of Things has been around a long time, it just hasn’t had a label,” said Jon-Paul. “Up until three or four years ago the term was Machine to Machine (M2M). The IoT is an evolution of that. M2M has traditionally been the delivery of communications over cellular or GPRS networks. The IoT is more orientated towards the use of the internet to transfer data from a wide range of devices and bearer services

“There is also another term that we see a lot in all of our lives – ‘Big Data.’ It is the management of Big Data that is fundamental to the IoT.  It is the management and collection of vast, disparate amounts of data from different sources and the delivery of that data in a method that is useful, legible and understandable.”

Visitors to Meet the Manufacturer 2016 can meet with Jon-Paul to discuss how the IoT can be used to offer complete solutions to end users in a variety of Industries, earning recurring revenue on data connectivity whilst offering an enhanced solution to end user customers.

MTM16-Save-the-dateJon-Paul said, “There is the opportunity for partners of Varlink to capitalise on the delivery mechanism of IoT, without the need to invest in billing services or the risk of managing contracts for end customers. Wireless Logic’s managed services provide a simple and effective way to deliver connectivity to customers, adding value to the Varlink partner solution. In the last year, we’ve implemented a number of data connectivity projects with Varlink partners where the addition of data connectivity to their hardware solution has created a comprehensive ‘one stop’ package for the end customer. And in all cases, the Varlink partner has earnt from the connectivity aspect through ongoing revenue share.

But importantly, there are the savings and return on investment that the end customer can make. If they have a device out in the field and they have to collect that data manually it takes valuable time and resource.

“We have a customer who utilises PDAs for the scanning of milk trollies for major dairies. Historically they had to scan each trolley that they had repaired and the data was stored locally. The only way they could retrieve the data was to go to the site and download the data from a host PC. By utilising a GPRS enabled PDA they are able to pass that data instantly back to the central database and pass that information to their end customer in real time,” explains Wireless Logic’s Jon-Paul Clarke

“Transport and logistics is the classic market for PDAs. We all know that in the old days you would sign a piece of paper to say you have received the goods. The driver would have to take that back to a central location and that information would need to be copied, taking time and resource. That information about the delivery of your parcel might not be available to the next day. The benefit of M2M and IoT is the immediate reduction in resources and cost and also an improved level of service to the end customer.”

The use of IoT enabled devices in the enterprise market is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years and Jon-Paul explains how Varlink customers will be a part of this expansion.

“Where in the past it hasn’t been cost effective to implement an IoT/ M2M solution, it is now a viable cost option for customers and reseller partners,” said Jon-Paul. “Where that fits in for Varlink’s partners is that we are seeing more people using 4G enabled tablets and handheld computers as opposed to low data PDA applications. It’s now a lot easier and the cost benefit of adopting a 4G cellular solution is a lot more attractive.

“An understanding of the marketplace is really important because there are certain nuances here. The key service we are looking to deliver is a best of breed, specific IoT / M2M infrastructure in place of a more traditional ‘fit and forget’ consumer style SIM. And with this comes the thorny subjects of security and resilience – it is imperative that data is locked down and communicated across platforms that are future-proofed with uptime SLA’s.

To learn more how you can earn recurring revenue with Wireless Logic by offering SIM connectivity with every device you sell please click here.

Jon-Paul Clarke will be exhibiting with Wireless Logic at Meet the Manufacturer 2016 to be held on Wednesday 27th April at The St, John’s Hotel in Solihull. To see a full list of exhibitors, event details and to register to attend please click here.


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