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Deliver real benefits for demanding tasks with mobile printing

Challenging environments need reliable rugged technology such as handheld and tablet devices and in some instances mobile printers to successfully perform a task. Designed to be lightweight, yet engineered to handle the shocks and drops that are part of the

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Total Cost of Ownership: Understanding Hard and Soft Costs

When choosing to deploy new devices businesses need to consider the implications of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO is more than just the one off purchase of the hardware, it comprises of hard and soft costs that organisations incur

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The Short-Term View Impacting Businesses – Rugged vs Consumer Grade Devices

The rugged vs consumer debate has been an on-going technology discussion in the channel with a number of businesses choosing consumer devices over their superior rugged counterparts on the belief that they are more cost effective. The issue we see

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Rugged vs Consumer Devices

There are many ways to determine the difference between rugged consumer and to work out which would be best for your company. When a device that is described as “rugged”, what does that actually mean? Of course it means it

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