Deliver real benefits for demanding tasks with mobile printing

Rugged Printing

Challenging environments need reliable rugged technology such as handheld and tablet devices and in some instances mobile printers to successfully perform a task.

Designed to be lightweight, yet engineered to handle the shocks and drops that are part of the job, there are a range of rugged mobile printers available for workers. These include the Honeywell microFlash and Zebra ZQ500 ultra-rugged mobile printers.

Printer media also plays an important role in the performance of a task, some applications require labels and receipts that can withstand challenging environments and offer longevity ranging from 18 months to up to 10 years in outdoor applications and up to 12 years archivability for receipts.

By using mobile printers like the ones mentioned, users can gain more control over operations by providing the ability to print exactly when and where needed. This process can save workers time on each task, increase productivity and save on labour.

Mobile printing can benefit different operations and industries. Businesses that replace handwritten forms with mobile computers and printers for field maintenance and service, security and law enforcement and utilities operations, typically report that workers are able to perform more tasks, this increases revenue and enables expansion without adding more man power. These applications also create electronic records that do not require transcription and manual data entry back at the office, further reducing time spent on each job.

The use of mobile technology can benefit industries in the following ways:

Field Maintenance and Service

  • Reduce task preparation time with mobile computing and printing systems
  • Mobile printers produce more accurate, legible documents, including work orders, receipts, invoices, compliance reports, and inspection notices or labels
  • Improve cash flow by accepting payment on delivery or service with a mobile printer containing a built-in card reader
  • Prevent delays and wait time at the central facility by wirelessly exchanging work assignments and delivery records at the beginning and end of each shift.

Security and Law Enforcement

  • Improve safety, enforceability and efficiency by utilising mobile computers and printers to issue e-citations
  • Reduce manual paperwork and decrease clerical errors by accepting immediate ticket payment at the point of citation with an integrated card reader
  • Improve evidence management by applying barcodes to evidence as it is collected in the field


  • Leverage mobile printers to create legible identification labels and inspection QA stickers
  • Produce service records and invoices for customers
  • Process payments and issue receipts on the spot

When paired with a handheld or tablet computer mobile printers can complete a solution that increases worker efficiency, reduce errors and continue to work in challenging environments.


Understanding Mobile Printing Technology and Capabilities – Zebra Technologies


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